7m (w) x 2.4m (h) x 1.2m (d) approx

Fresh willow leaves, nylon threads, glue and steel

A site specific work commissioned by Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts as part of a group residency and exhibition Out There. Artists involved were Bogdan Achimescu, Machiko Agano, El Anatsui, Elisa Bracher, Chris Drury, Fiona Foley, Claire Morgan and Ranjani Shettar.

Around 6000 freshly collected willow leaves were collected and threaded onto nylon threads that were then stretched between the surrounding willow trees to create two arrow-forms sweeping downwards from overhead. These were only partially visible until in close proximity due to their similarity to the surrounding trees.

The use of natural, organic materials and element of risk associated with their use are all factors which inform her [Claire Morgan's] work. She usually gathers materials on site or locally, and sees the sourcing of components as an essential part of the making process. She often makes installations which change and decay over time. For Out There Morgan selected a location in the woods. She strung 600 lines of fishing wire to sections of a metal mesh, located high in a circle of willow trees. Onto these monofilaments she has strung thousands of willow leaves, collected from around the site. The strung leaves form two distinct, 3D arrows pointing down towards the viewer. It is evident from looking at her work, the patience, concentration and painstaking repetition which has gone into its production. It is this visual sign of the artist's labour which gives her installation such impact and makes her work so fascinating.

The above text is taken from the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts online exhibitions archive. www.scva.ac.uk


Photos by Chris Drury (first image only) and Claire Morgan.