Four parts 0.12m (diameter) x height variable from 1.2m x 1.5m

90,000 pennies

This commission was part of Temporary Address, Blyth. A project curated by Rednile Projects.

Text from the artist's statement on the work:

My work explores change, and the unexpected beauty that can be discovered through the transformation of everyday objects. I have chosen to use pennies for the building blocks of this new work. These naturally fit well within the environment of a shopping centre. I found it interesting that by changing my budget into its most basic components, I have temporarily made it quite useless as currency - demonstrated by the physical exertion required to move a sum as small as £50 from one place to another.

The forms loosely reference the four chimneys of the recently decommissioned powerstation at Blyth. These had a distinctive and powerful presence, but like all things, eventually fell.

The sculpture should have a subtle organic quality, caused by the human error involved with the time consuming process of building it. I like the circular motion of the processes involved: The budget is changed into 'building blocks'. These are used to form objects that grow, rising upwards until time runs out or they become too fragile to continue. They are demolished. The constituent elements are changed back into their original form. For me this playfully alludes to the cyclical forces of life ande death that have an impact on everything and everyone.

Photos taken by Claire Morgan