0.75m (l) x 0.75(h) x 0.4m (d) 

Approx 500 fresh strawberries, nylon thread

This work was originally shown as part of Your Gallery @ The Guardian.

The process of making the work has something in common with drawing without a rubber, but I am drawing within a 3-dimensional space. Almost all measurements needed are judged by eye. As each new strawberry is suspended, its presence makes those behind it inaccessible. This means that any mistakes cannot be 'erased'. I hope this results in there being a kind of honesty about the work, and I wonder if this honesty, risk, and potential for weakness can actually be seen as a strength.

Due to the materials, the work needs to be made as quickly as possible during a short but intense period immediately prior to its exhibition. The sculpture appears to be both precise and chaotic in nature; documentation of a flawed attempt at perfection, reflecting the impossibility of complete control or certainty.

Artist's Statement: I find that there can be great power in objects or scenarios that simultaneously illustrate acute beauty and horror. All things are connected. Natural, cyclical forces have an impact on everything, including us. There is a fear associated with this and I am fascinated with how this impacts on our relationship with the rest of the natural world. I use movement and change to explore points where seemingly opposing elements merge: beauty and repulsion; chaos and safety; death, life and death in turn.


Photos taken by Claire Morgan.