Dimensions variable (central suspended area 2.4m x 1.2m)

15,000 pine cones est, 11 dead crows at various stages of decay (found around the grounds of the hall), nylon thread

Part of Bolwick Arts 3 a residency and exhibition at a Georgian hall in Norfolk. The other artists involved in this project were Gair Dunlop, Imi Maufe and Tomoko Takahashi (Anti-Cool).

'In the less groomed corners of the garden the signs of plants and animals living and dying are constantly visible. There are times when opening and shrinking, blooming and drying up, flying and dropping all become each other.'

The floor of the barn was covered in cones that the viewer had to pick their way through. In the centre was an area suspended just above ground level. Scattered around the room were a number of decaying crows, also suspended. At first glance everything appeared to be stationary, but after a while it became clear that there was constant movement all around. 

Text written by Claire Morgan from Bolwick Arts 3 brochure.

Photos by Claire Morgan.